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Internetics is an award winning digital agency based in Brisbane, Australia and London, England.

This is who we are

We are a long established and award winning digital agency based in Brisbane, Australia and London, England. Right now we're developing mobile apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android, designing for the web, TV or any number of connected devices. Always combining the latest in digital technology developments and beautiful, intuitive user interfaces, we embrace the challenges and opportunities of doing business in an ever changing world.

From concept to completion. Award winning digital development agency based in Brisbane and London, producing natively coded and beautifully designed products.

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What we do

We’re a digital development agency working with the very latest technologies, trends and development tools. We make amazing and engaging apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad). We support native Android development too. The very latest in web design and development. Baffled by the blockchain? Commercialising and adopting new technological oppurtunities as they emerge is what we do naturally. Our work has also been featured extensively in the media and also by Apple in a Christmas TV campaign.

Who we work with

Since 1996 we have worked with businesses large and small. From blue chip corporates, through to SMEs and startups. Clients we work and have worked with include Stringfellows, Crayola, EAT Cafes, Vivid Imaginations, GOMA, Harley-Davidson, Flair PLC, Sylvanian Families, Creative Enterprise Australia as well as any number of small to medium enterprises, start-ups and entrepreneurs with a vision.

How we work

Our process is fluid, transparent and hands on. We’ll work with you from concept to completion, communicating with you in a crystal clear and refreshingly jargon free approach. From the initial meeting, through conceptualisation, development and deployment, you can be as involved and engaged in the project as you would like to be.

This is what we do

We work with businesses who need to engage with their customers wherever they might be – phone, tablet, TV, wearables or even the good old fashioned desktop computer. We’re a team of technologists, developers and designers. We’re passionate about what we do and staying ahead of the curve, and we’ve been doing it since 1996. Here’s a sampler of some of our latest work.